Adam Summerhayes

This is a great group to play in - and to hear, or so I am told.

The Original Gypsy Tango Band

It seems as if everyone has heard of Gypsy Tango these days, so it is easy to forget (even for us) that this extremely popular genre did not exist until ZUM created it in the early years of this millennium.

For more on the first - and best - Gypsy Tango band go to but here's a bit about us.

We have been popular wherever we have been, starting with our first UK tour in 2001. We had full houses throughout the country in a tour that culminated with two sell-outs in one day at the South Bank centre (and another eight since then). We have enjoyed multiple tours and many repeat invitations to the USA, Saudi Arabia, Croatia and Finland. ZUM have played in Ronnie Scott’s jazz club in London, beside midnight Finnish lakes, and with airplay on BBC R3, Jazz FM and worldwide. we now have fans in many unexpected corners of the world.

David Gordon and I write the music - or create unique arrangements - and provide the virtuoso fiddle and piano playing (although David is just as likely to create the sounds of a cimbalom, zither or banjo and I might turn the fiddle into a slide guitar or drum). ZUM was the brainchild of our witty and engaging frontman and cellist Chris Grist, the group also features the silvery melancholia of accordionist Eddie Hession and the live-wire punch of Richard Pryce’s double bass playing.

ZUM is a festival headline act that appeals to audiences of all sorts - we've had a great time in jazz clubs, universities, shabby rock joints, tango halls and beaten-up Alaskan shacks and cathedrals (and so have the audience).

Our outstanding collection of original melodies are sometimes transcendentally beautiful, hypnotic and seductive, often light-hearted, and occasionally surprisingly amusing. The wild moments are amazing - I love hearing the power and virtuosity we produce together.

A gypsy-tango heartbeat runs through everything ZUM does, as you would expect from the musicians who stole the music from the bordellos of Buenos Aires and the backstreets of Eastern Europe to create gypsy-tango itself. The band never stands still, though, so you also hear blues, jazz, celtic, bluegrass, klezmer and folk from around the world are melted down and reforged into ingots of pure ZUM. This is an irresistible alchemy with a gypsy tango core.