Adam Summerhayes

Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows
... so, if you see a gypsy fiddler that you think looks a bit like me flash across the big screen near you, you're right: it's me (and my friend Emil with whom I recorded a rather fine Gypsy Strings disc for Chandos not so long ago).

Which is quite fun!

Also, there's a track of mine in the movie, just before you see us - recorded live on set. It's called "Larking Around" because, whilst we were playing it to Guy Ritchie, to see if it was what he wanted - his repeated comment was something along the lines of "Yeah...yeah...just lark around a bit".

You might even hear a rumour that I taught Robert Downey Jnr to mime to a track, which would be sadly irrelevant as it didn't make it into the film...